The Outcast

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The Outcasts: The unlikely. Their struggles. Their faith. Their testimonies. Through these unlikely and outcast individuals, we will see how God used them in spite of their circumstances. It didn’t matter what they faced, thought, or how they were perceived by God. All that mattered was God. God is working today, just as He was working everything out for His ultimate good in the lives of these individuals.

  1. The Outcast: Who Wandered Away
  2. Identity of a Leper
  3. The Paralytic and His Friends
  4. Jesus’ Decision
  5. What Mary Gave Up
  6. Genealogy of Jesus (Joseph’s Side)
  7. Joseph’s Story
  8. Herod – King or Outcast
  9. Do It Again
  10. A Man with an Identity
  11. John the Baptist – “Do It Again”
  12. Noah’s Faith and Testimony
  13. Naaman’s Expectations
  14. Jairus
  15. Jairus’ Associate
  16. Jairus’ Daughter
  17. Jairus’ Wife
  18. The Mourners/Jesus
  19. The Bleeding Woman

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