Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus

Gleaning From the Heart of Jesus is a nine week study, designed to help us take a closer look at Matthew (chs. 4-7). I invite you to join us, as we take steps to deliberately seek God through this study.

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Week 1

Communing with the Father {Sunday}

Proving Identity {Monday}

Jesus is Stronger! {Wednesday}

Hope for All {Friday}

Week 2

The Invitation {Sunday}

Bands of Families {Monday}

Encountering Jesus in Sickness {Wednesday}

Poor and Desperate {Friday}

Week 3

The Humble Win! {Sunday}

The Change Within {Wednesday}

Doing Right During Persecution {Friday}

Week 4

Worship God with Salt  {Sunday}

Made to Shine {Monday}

Accepting God’s Word {Wednesday}

Forgiving Jesus’ Way {Friday}

Week 5

The Wandering Heart {Sunday}

Making Better Promises {Wednesday}

The Call to Surrender {Friday}

Week 6

Loving Like Jesus {Sunday}

Social Media Society {Wednesday}

Confidence in God {Friday}

Week 7

Heart-Breaking Forgiveness {Sunday}

Our Focus {Wednesday}

Matthew 6:25-27 (48) {Friday}

Week 8

Save the Worrying for God {Sunday}

Matthew 7:6 (53) {Wednesday}

Good Gifts {Friday}

Week 9

I Need Thee Every Hour {Sunday}

Day 58 {Monday}

Discovery of the Better Thing {Tuesday}

Matthew 7:21-23 (60) {Wednesday}

Matthew 7:26-27 (62) {Friday}