Walking Into The Light {{Our Ephesians Study}}

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Hi Friends!

I wanted to pop in, and give you a guide for the Ephesians posts utilizing, during our online Bible Study. Sounds nice, though, doesn’t it? All the posts – in one place. Let me share a little first –

Walking Into The Light is a six week scripture writing experience. The journal is available for purchasing over on Amazon (click on the image for more info//to purchase the journal). This particular study combines Scripture Writing, journaling, and taking the time to write out our prayers – to give us one beautiful study!

God has much to teach us through our study!

The Beautiful Invitation

Christ gives us this beautiful invitation to experience all He is. This is what the book of Ephesians is teaching me. I invite YOU to join me through this study of seeking God’s face and learning more about the important things He has to teach each of us!

The Blog Posts –

To find the blog posts that go along with each week’s study, please just click on the link below. The links will become available, as each new devotion is posted onto the blog.

Week 1 —
Peace Swells Up
Good Pleasure
God Decides!

Week 2 —
Know Where Our Struggle Comes From
Speaking to Destroy
Living in Your “So Now”
United With Christ

Week 3 —
Choosing Our Savior Over Struggles
Fearlessly Enter the Presence of God
Finding the Power Source
Fueled by God’s Power

 Week 4 —

Pursuers of Peace
The Option God Gives Us

Week 5 —

When Honesty Hurts
Our Identity Changes Everything!
Identity Meets His Living Truth

Week 6 —

Jesus Cleanses Us
Custom Designed Armor
Faith-Fused Living