Current Projects

Trials on a TuesdayThis is a new project that I begun a few months ago. The motivation for this particular series is birthed out of the trials I face, as one with chronic illness(es) and becomes easily discouraged with such trials. We all face trials that will, at times, wipe us out where we feel like we have nothing to give and it is “hopeless”. This is exactly why the Trials on a Tuesday exists.

I want to know what the Word of God says on these things. I want to keep my gaze on my Savior, and not on the hard times as I see them on a humanistic level. I need to keep my face centered on my Savior and His power, so I am not discouraged. Instead of discouragement, there is joy, hope, and such love.

Five Minute Fridays Awesome chance to just write for five minutes alongside others, unedited, and join in a new community of bloggers. This is a link, where you can learn more about the FMF Party.

The Single Life  Originally this became a change to join others in a challenge to write geared toward singleness (see link-up for past link-ups). But now, it has turned into the opportunity for something much more.  Currently, I am doing a series titled “Seeking Holiness: A Study on 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12”. This is a weekly series, where we slowly look at what this passage has to say. It is not solely reserved for singles, but for everyone. Though as I write and study, I do these things specifically as a single woman who needs the encouragement of God to keep things in perspective.

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