Reflecting on Your Life and Service

How have you taken the time to reflect on your lives and walk with Christ? We need to consider the direction we are headed. I need to do this in my life, too. Remember how I have lived and loved Christ. While I may lack strength at times, I have chosen to serve Him.

Such reflection will keep us encouraged and energized in our faith. We have been given the amazing opportunity to come and experience our Mighty God through His Gospel! Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior, has arrived and will save us. What is stopping us from accepting Him and surrendering our lives?

23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the LORD, not for human masters, 24since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the LORD as a reward. It is the LORD Christ you are serving.

Colossians 3:23-24, NIV

Image: Cristian Newman (Unsplash)

Our World’s Contractions

Been keeping up to date about the latest earthquakes (& there was another big one as I write this – 6.5 in Fiji).

Just like a mama-to-be’s contractions, the contractions of Jesus’ return are increasing… and getting closer and closer together!

What does this mean?

Our Lord Jesus the Christ will be coming back for His children and set apart followers very soon. Friends, make sure you are right with the Lord. You will not want to be left behind. We all need Jesus Christ. To be separated from Christ for all eternity is unfathomable heartache and shear agony.

Our Lord Jesus came to SAVE us!! How are we repenting of our sinful ways and choosing to accept His free gift of salvation and follow Him?

When I was a kid, I used to have this reoccurring ptsd styled nightmare of being separated from Christ and everyone I love. And that feeling was shear torture. Terrifying. And it was just a glimpse of what happens when someone dies without that intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Dont reject Jesus Christ! Accept the warning and reminder to make sure you have settled where you will spend eternity!!

The Bible is clear. The results of sin is spiritual death (Hell) and separation from Christ. We are deserving of Hell as the consequences of our sins, BUT God! God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to take on our punishment and to bring about God’s redemptive plan so we can have Eternal Life and be SAVED from our sins!

What are you waiting for?

Update on Life and Blogging [10.14.19]

How have you all been? I genuinely want to know. How are you doing? How can I be of any emotional or spiritual assistance to you?

Sorry, I went MIA for a bit. I am thankful to be able to step back into this space of my blog and share what has been going on. Not only the struggles, I want to carve out a space to share His provisions as well.

Update on Life: It has been busy on my end. On September 12, my mom broke her ankle in several places – which did require “next day” surgery. While her ankle is healing well, her pain has not lessened by any means. I am doing what I can – as far as caring for my family. Making sure they have something, anything, to eat. But some days, I fail even in that area.

I can only do so much with my own health concerns. Lately, I have been resting more than serving. But, isn’t that the story of my life? Maybe so. While I may not be as apt to serve others in my current circumstances, I can choose to offer a listening ear to those who are in pain, depressed, or struggling in another way.

Recently, I started a little journey into the world of Vlogging.

While Gracefully Overcoming’s YouTube Channel isn’t as neat or organized as others, I have allowed myself to simply have fun sharing an encouraging word and a quick message on how I am doing.

If you want to check it out, click here.

The Goal –

In all of my platforms, the goal is the same: to encourage others and glorify Christ!

I have some pretty specific goals for both my blog and vlog. They both are to provide biblical encouragement that meets us where we are. I want us to receive bite size encouragement that is doable with our current circumstances.

I want others to receive much needed encouragement and offer you some joy and God-given peace despite the circumstances you are facing. May we keep our eyes on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

If anyone has any questions or wants to chat, I am just a comment or message away. The most reliable (and quickest) way to reach me is through Gracefully Overcoming’s Facebook page. And if any of the posts resonate with you, hit that “share” or “comment” button.

Talk with you again soon.

In Christ,

Devotion: Why Do We Suffer?

“When life hurts and our dreams fade, we may express our anguish in different ways, but each one of us knows the sting of pain and heartache, disease and disaster, trials and sufferings.” (Hope Again, p. 11)

Often times, we can ask ourselves, our friends, or our Pastor one question: “Why is this happening? What is the purpose?”

As I rest today, I find myself looking at my graduation tassels from 10-12 years ago. Don’t mind me, but I find myself asking those very same questions that I listed above. Just as some might not see the reason for their suffering, I can’t see the reason behind my college education. I don’t question my suffering, often, because I have this blog ministry. But, I do find myself asking those questions about college.

But just like our suffering, I can’t see the full picture. I don’t know why the Lord led me down the college road – to only to be unemployed and chronically ill. And even though we can see what someone else is doing, we cannot know what our Mighty God is doing. So, we have to keep trusting Him.

The truth is: We all have our own ways of experiencing suffering. In the book of Ecclesiastes, I am reminded of what was said:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

Ecc. 3:1, New International Version

Every one of our sufferings are important and matter. Our way of suffering likely differ, but our cries from it still matter. It matters, because you matter! Even though we suffer differently, we all need the same hope – which we can find in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

The Gospel presented to us through the New Testament, gives us a much greater hope than anything this world could ever offer us. We need eternal hope!

Let me leave you with two Scriptures, and we will pick back up on Friday.

But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.

Psalm 9:18

All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he [Jesus Christ] is pure.

1 John 3:3

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Adventure: Hope Beyond Suffering

Happy Monday to you, my friends!

How are you doing? How can we pray for you? Anything new or exciting happening for you this week?

I have something exciting to share.

An adventure, if you will.

Starting this week, I want to talk // discuss a book I am reading. Or part of a book. It is just a chapter, then we will dive into the next part in our Matthew series (chapters 8-10). I have been sitting and marinating in the truths found, as I read. It is a lot of profound things, I can talk about. And, I think I am ready to step out on the water and follow the Lord in sharing.

The topic is on hoping despite suffering.

This is a topic close to my heart, as you might know. This blog and ministry was laid out for me, because of my own suffering. I didn’t start writing, until I got sick. My life sorta just fell apart, and became something different. Different and hard are not bad, necessarily. I know, these things have really caused me to cling to Jesus Christ.

And this book? It has drawn me in and spoke greatly to my heart, as I face my own suffering.

I need this strong, eternal, hope that is like an anchor, and I know where I can find it. It is found in our Mighty God!

And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Romans 5:5, New International Version

We need to hope again, my friends! I know, we all have our own stories of brokenness but our Mighty God wants to meet us here.

As we seek Christ, He shows us how to hope in Him – despite suffering.

We need the hope of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ who has overcame death and calls us to be His own!

If you have a Kindle, the book is really affordable. Then last but not least, the posting schedule.

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