Fond for Heaven

Lately I have been thinking fondly of my home, our eternal home – Heaven. I juggle two heart responses when it comes to thinking on leaving this earth. There is either excitement to finally be home with our Savior Jesus, or there is feeling terrified of leaving those I love – knowing that many are not right with the Lord and need to be reconciled to God through Christ Jesus.

I hope it is a sign of maturity that I long to be home with our Savior Jesus the Christ. I am right with the Lord. I am seeking Him and want to please Him. While I am not where I desire to be, I am making strides in my relationship with Jesus Christ – trusting He truly paid it on and gives me new life through His suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection.

How is your heart being built up through faith in Jesus Christ like Ephesians 2:19-22 talks about?

For those of us who have decided to follow Jesus the Christ and accept His gift of salvation, knowing we are His is the best thing – ever! He is why we can draw near in our greatest storm and walk through such difficult seasons with joy in our heart and a smile on our face.

Oh friends, I am reminded of my need to internalize that my worth and identity rests in Jesus Christ! Nothing else could ever matter as much as being a daughter of God, follower of Jesus Christ, and knowing my eternal home is Heaven – all because of Jesus Christ!

The more we internalize that we are His, the greater increase in our prepared and readiness for Heaven.

Drawing nearer to Jesus is definitely a way to spend our “quarantine time”. I have enjoying podcasts and typing up Scripture as a way to get His Word in my heart – while listening to my body’s limitations (hard to write by hand).

While I rarely get to share as much as I hope, I want you all to know I think very fondly of you all. While my health has taken a massive hit lately, I am still here for you all. I just might be quieter on some weeks than others.