Vulnerably Seeking Jesus

I know, I am running fairly behind. But, I wanted to try and write tonight. This is one thing I absolutely love about Gracefully Overcoming. I can write imperfectly.

. . . Because, it is about sharing our Savior Jesus and how He is working in my life. It is not about proper grammar and writing absolutely perfectly. It is vulnerably sharing our stories and recognize Jesus Christ as our King!

And we share a painful commonality. We all have faced various trials. While many have mental or chronic illness(es), others face different trials. We get the opportunity to see the hands, feet, and heart of our Lord Jesus as we come together. We come together broken, but ready to see His face shine upon us – even if that doesn’t remove our circumstances.

In “Walking into the Light,” one of its features is a weekly time of reflection. Admittedly, this was the hard part of converting the study from 6 to 12+ weeks. I wanted the best of both worlds: the flexibility to go at my own pace while making sure to fully utilize the journal (when able).

Three Questions of Reflection:

  1. Read Ephesians 1. Share any Scriptures that are speaking to you.
  2. How has God spoken to you this past few weeks, as we read and study Ephesians 1?
  3. As God has undoubtedly spoken to you, you may have noticed areas of your life beginning to change. Throughout Scripture, we are reminded that we have been chosen and loved beyond measure. How is God drawing you toward your newfound identity in Jesus Christ?

These are questions I need to honestly consider myself, so I will only share the questions. May we all take time to dig deep into Ephesians 1 these next few days as we reflect and pray to our Perfect God.

Friends, our Mighty God’s love for us is so so so big. I was given the opportunity to watch the Hope Rising Benefit Concert the other day, and God moved greatly through this time. It was a beautiful time of worship and God’s presence.

Friends, we are so loved by our God. That He sent His Son Jesus Christ (fully human and fully God – the God man) to pay the debt for our sin and disobedience. He was tortured for us, that we may be reconciled to our Creator for all eternity. His love for us is beyond anything we could ever imagine. Jesus is holy. He rose on the third day, giving us new life. Will we come to our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ and accept Him as our Savior and Lord? This is the best and biggest decision we could ever make!

Blessings to you all on this Wednesday!

1] “Walking into the Light” Journal
2] Ephesians 1
3] Hope Rising Benefit Concert