2 Am Shenanigans

It is 2 am here in Sunny California.

Right now, the house is winding down.

My energy level is at it’s best – around this time.

[Of course, this is also the time period where my PTSD is at its worse. How does that happen?]

I typically don’t sleep during the night anymore. I havent, in WEEKS. But it is worth it, to rediscover this writing space.

Focusing on Jesus and how to praise Him right where I am.

Going to bask in the silence and remember my need to sit with Jesus more often. And my need to sit in silence without a blaring TV.

I am going to seek and expect from our King Jesus Christ. While I seek and expect, I am going to offer myself grace if I don’t get much blogging done.

Because what I am doing, is important!

And because I know my energy becomes depleted whenever I focus on doing for the Kingdom of God!

And, that is okay. Because eventually things get written in the right time.