Jesus, Take the Wheel!

I have been thinking about life with Dysautonomia (POTS | NCS) lately. As much as I hate POTS, I am very much reminded of the gift I have been given – to be able to minister from this hard place.

Thank you everyone for your grace, encouragement, and prayers, as we walk through “Walking into the Light,” our Ephesians Study, at a slower pace. I know as we move deeper into our study, that I may not be as predictable as other bloggers might be.

This is the frustrations of writing and ministering from a place of chronic illness and deep pain. Unlike other Christian Bible Studies, we definitely cannot visit the website *knowing* without a shadow of doubt that a fresh devotional is waiting for us.

I know, I am not alone in this struggle. Many of you face mental and chronic illnesses, various trials, and relational woes. And, we need someone to be in our corner.

As much as I don’t care for the trials and would love to skip over them, I know I can’t. If I skipped over the next 6 months of rough health days, what would happen to those many opportunities to glorify our Mighty God in the process?

The only reason I came to such a thought is, I posted on my personal Facebook page- seeking to fast forward the next 6 months of my life. Which would mean:

– Missing seeing my littlest niece turn 1.
– Missing the weekends with my older niece and the chance to see her turn 10.
– Perhaps, the greatest age milestone? (My own birthday is not a milestone, ha!) Seeing my nephew turn the big 1-7. I have seen him about every day of his life.
– Missing spending my days with you all digging into God’s Word!
– And, miss spending my days with my Mom and Compassion – our cat. And, seeing my sister and other family members.

I would love to push fast forward, but our God is mighty and working even in the hardest of things!! And, this suffering is all for His abundant glory. He will give us the strength we need, my friends.