What I Love

Wanna know what my favorite part of chronic illness is? The ability to watch a TV series, completely forgetting multiple episodes (due to brain fog). Even though Hawaii Five O is on his last season, I can easily have no recollect of some episodes.

Our God is good!! Even though some things I can easily forget, like episodes of a favorite tv show, our God enables me to remember the important things… like His Word and my need to keep going back to the Bible – and His eternal truths.

Today, how are you being reminded of His eternal truths?

My goal, today, is to nap and hopefully begin reading and studying the book of Ephesians from the Bible!

This morning, I woke up with the hunger to get into God’s Word and spend precious time with Jesus. I am very thankful for our God who is walking with me through what is a very trying time.

Don’t forget to get in the Word today! Oh, and, our Ephesians Reading Plan begins on Monday – April 6th. The journal is still available. It is only $4 for the journal, which has been a tremendous blessing for me. I love to keep an extra on hand for whenever I get the urge to return to this study. =]