Announcement: Starts Tomorrow!

Asking a Different Why: A Study of Psalm 27

Friends, I am going to be posting Psalm 27 over the next few days. This is a timely study. Right now, our minds are consumed with COVID-19. We are reminded of this threat to our health. I invite you to join me, as we fix our eyes on Christ while we care for others by practicing social distance.

I know, many of us are asking a lot of questions – even the “why” question. But, what if we asked a different kind of why?

“Why should I be afraid?”

“Why should I tremble?”

In Psalm 27, we are encouraged in the faith of our Savior Jesus Christ for why we can make it through this – and even be spiritually revived during this time. We don’t have to merely survive, but our lives and spiritual walk can grow leaps and bounds during this time!