Good News!

Sorry about my “hiatus”, y’all. March 9 was my last blog post. As you may (or may not) know, my mother received a major surgery on the 2nd. Even though she has been readmitted (we are on day 5 or 6 of her readmission), I have some very good news to share with you.

Despite the Corona Virus, we are going forward with our next Reading Plan. As a group, we will be diving into “Walking Into The Light” (again, we used this journal a few years ago). The Ephesians Journal is definitely my favorite! There are many nuggets of truths waiting for us!

We need to keep remembering and living out His truths, especially during this crazy time in our world!

If you want to join us, the date is April 6th. So, we are cutting it close if you want to buy a journal and receive it prior to the start of our Online Bible Study.

Click here to order your journal from Amazon. The journal itself is $4. But there’s the thing, I am stretching the Study to meet my current life circumstances.

So, what does this mean? This means taking two days for the one passage. The first day you can focus solely on our Ephesians study, and possibly go deeper the following day.

My hope, if I find the energy, clarity, and time, is to schedule posts each day except for the weekend. So, what could this look like? The second day, IE, Tuesday, might mean sharing a sermon, podcast, article, Christ centered song, or commentary on a topic found in the Ephesians passage.

Friends, I am really looking forward to this! But, I need prayer y’all. I need prayer for spiritual protection and that I will not get in a mental health flare up (or be distracted). I want to glorify the Lord by continuing with this plan to study the Word – specifically the book of Ephesians.

P.S. I just noticed it, but “Grace Leads” is only $.99 for the Kindle. Be sure to pick up your copy before I adjust the price! :)

Thank you in advance,