Ephesians Journal SALE

Friends, I am up late again. I have really late nights, but choosing to use it for good. While my creative wheels were a’turning, I was honestly surprised at how low the price is for my FAVORITE Bible study journal. This journal and “Gleaning from the Heart of Jesus” are my absolute favorite things I have done as far as this ministry goes, excluding “Grace Leads”. Though, I probably would still pick “Walking Into The Light” as my all time favorite!

This was one of the first Bible study/journals I wrote, it is on the book of Ephesians. Best part to share: It is ONLY $4 per physical copy before tax and shipping over on Amazon. This is a great way to help support the work God is doing right here at Gracefully Overcoming.

It would even go very well for a #Lent Bible study, if you are looking around for a Lenten reading plan. Can’t go wrong with Ephesians, right? =]

Click here, if you are interested in learning more.

PSST: Even if you can’t purchase a copy, feel free to share this post, so the word spreads.