[12] Prayers Availth Much!

Please pray, friends. PTSD is… well, it is a bit too rough tonight for my preference. Thank you in advance. ♡ Prayers availth much. Right?! James 5 teaches us this.

Tonight was a blessing in the midst of a hard place. I was able to actually read my Bible and highlight things that stood out to me. I was able to read all of it aloud, which I often cannot do without my body doing something to try and stop my time with our Mighty Savior Jesus Christ!

One of my favorite things from today’s chapters (Psalm 12, 42, 72, 102, 132, Proverbs 12) was: God knows, sees, and give us our VALUE. Our lives are valuable! And He wants to give us the BEST care possible!

I am reminded of the joy I can receive through reading the Word. And I can go from a profoundly heavy heart to a heart that doesn’t feel as heavy.

One of the reasons for my PTSD flare up is – I lost my journal. The journal Grandpa gave me, before he passed. I couldn’t find it anywhere. As I was writing this to pour out my heart, a dear friend found it tonight at church. I have my grieving journal again.

Maybe your trial isn’t as easily removable like chronic pain or mental health issues that hit your soul like bricks going through a glass window…

Together, we will walk toward our Savior Jesus, learn how He rescues us and carries us through the hard things we must endure.

I am here for you, friends.