Depression Struggles.

My mental health has been extra hard lately. Anyone else? Praying for all of us! I love the encouragement Brittney Moses can offer us today through the Holy Spirit (see image below). . .

Friend, we are not our struggle. We are SO much more than our hardship. Keep putting your hope in God. Our God will get us through these hard moments. He will get us through all the depression, anxiety, chronic pain, adversity, moments where we feel like we lack a purpose, and He will get us through those thoughts of harming ourselves. He is our good Father and will get us through every single hard thing we face. He will be our strength when it feels as though we have none.

The journey is rough, but together we can get through this.

IT IS ONLY BY GOD’S SHEAR GRACE that we are still here. This shows our God’s awesomeness. He will get us through these hard times. Gather a few people for accountability, folks to pray for you and to whom you feel comfortable sharing your struggles.

If you need extra support, I am here. I am only a PM (on Facebook or Instagram) or comment away. Also I pray for you all. Keep hanging in there, my friends!