Choose to Come

How are we seeking to be closer to our Mighty God today? What are you listening to?

Diamonds Conference starts tomorrow!! [Online Conference geared toward those who are following our great Savior Jesus even in the midst of chronic illness].

Here is how I will stay tuned into our God despite my limitations. I am going to just enjoy listening to last year’s conference. Or jump back and forth between that, worship music, and Revive Our Hearts’ past conferences.

I am trying to just learn how to draw near to Jesus Christ my King even when my body is not cooperating.

My spirit is willing, but my body is so weak sometimes (See Matthew 26:41).

How are we willfully bringing whatever we have to offer and lay it at our Lord’s feet? It may not seem like it’s a lot to give, but we are only required to come and sit at His feet.

Diamonds 2019 –

Revive Our Hearts 2019 Conference –