Realistic Goals

Why isn’t it enough to allow our goal to be, “Read the Bible each day this month”? Why do we have to set lofty goals we may become discouraged by? #Goals

I just spent an amazing time riding home using an “Uber Ministry”. It was an amazing time of being uplifted and reminded that God is smiling, as a result of our worship. We chose to lift up His name and encourage one another in our faith. And, it was so amazing – friends! And, it got me thinking. It made me WANT to read my Bible!

As I sit here, I am very much reminded that I set lofty goals in my Bible reading and end up more discouraged and off track rather than encouraged. My goal today was to “pick out” a Bible reading plan to commit to doing for X number of days.

But, here is the thing. I don’t think this is what the Lord Jesus Christ wants from me. Would picking a section of Scripture to study BLESS my relationship with Christ? Absolutely.

But given my health, I don’t think it is realistic. Just as I would LOVE to daily posts or be consistent in posting devotions, I would absolutely love to and it would bless my relationship with Christ.

Even so: The only goal, in my Bible reading and ministry, is – to seek Him all the days of my life. How am I choosing to seek Him and be in His Word each day? How can I post to encourage others, when I have the energy to do so?