Announcement || 2 Week Hiatus

Hey friends,

I wanted to touch base with you all and give a little announcement. I am going to take a two week break from our study {Inspiring Women}.

There are a couple reasons for this decision. One of which is the busyness of these next two weeks (A graduation, Vacation Bible School (VBS), beginning of Summer, that sort of thing). You may see me “pop in” from time to time. Although, I make no promises.

Want more devotions? Check out this page, where I will be continuing a daily devotional on 1 John.

Also, don’t forget: On June 1st, our new Facebook group will begin studying the book of Psalms for the Summer months. Join us!

Speaking of Psalms, I recently discussed my struggle with depression and the need to purposely read through the Psalms – as a way to walk through this difficult season with the reminder of our great God and how He will help me… help us, through whatever we face.

The season of depression has hit, so this is another reason for this little hiatus. If I need to extend the time period, I will definitely let you all know.

It is my hope that I will be able to work through some of this and be back soon, but as we know depression is unpredictable.

Those things listed in the above mentioned article, are going to be lived out. I am going to make prayer a priority, increase my “Bible intake” (time spent reading the Word of God), turning on praise music (because I know it makes a difference), and then make deliberate choices to try and stay connected to Christ’s church.

I have to say this one thing: I wish, I didn’t have to share this struggle or have a hiatus. But by sharing, I know people are praying.

By praying, we know God will hear His people’s prayers and answer them according to His will.

We can know He will strengthen us in our time of great need. He will keep us drawing near to Him, and help us to move {even in baby steps, movement is movement} through the difficult things we face.

We can choose to step back and worship Him through the storm, and that is what I am going to be doing – while I am gone.

I am going to be worshipping Jesus, and allowing Him to be my strength. I am going to allow Him to teach me that my strength doesn’t have to be enough, because His strength is absolutely enough and He will restore my joy.

Featured image by Oudom Pravat.

In Christ,