Single Living: Lot’s Desperate Daughters

Lot’s two daughters, went with him – when fleeing the land of sin (Sodom and Gomorrah). In Genesis 19, we read about these women where we learn about their hearts. Their desperation. Their excess focus on circumstances, which quite honestly is something we can do too – married or not.

Read Genesis 19:30-36

“The older daughter said to the younger, “Our father is old,
and there are no men in the land to sleep with us as is the
custom everywhere…” [As a result of their decision based on fear,] both of Lot’s
daughters became pregnant by their father. (vv. 31, 36, CEB)”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Lot acted out of fear, moving into an abandon cave.

That abandoned cave, is what led the girls to act out of fear.

A great fear.

A fear her father never would have guessed.

These women were frantic. And, desperate. They aren’t much different than how we are today, in terms of motivations. We will go to any dramatic length, if it will provide for us a husband or children. We don’t want to wait around. We want to take things into our own hands. Somehow, we have this idea that it will prove to be more “successful” than acknowledging the all-knowing and all-powerful God that we serve.

My Preservation

God has preserved me.

While moments of despair and desperation arise, God preserves me. I have yet to date or run out to find a husband (surely out of the billions of available men, I can find one). I have thought about making my own path, a struggle that Lot’s daughters faced, but here’s the thing:

When God strongly lays something on your heart, and convicts you, there is no way to detour from that blessed path in good conscious.

Carried into Sin

There is no easy way to say this, but desperation can lead us on a path to a consuming wildfire. We won’t know how we ended up that far off the road, but we will be there… led away, because we followed the road of desperation, loneliness, and swept up emotions from a deep desire to “marry up” and bear children.

These women sinned… and it would impact them, their father, and their future generations. Their sin wouldn’t go unnoticed or without any effect. All, because their emotions carried them away. Just as Isaac learned a particular sin from his father, so would their children. They would attempt to seduce Israel, God’s chosen people.

If these two women had waited on God, there wouldn’t of been destruction.

There would be blessings instead of curses.


As God’s beloved children, we need to keep tips on hand for fleeing desperation…

  • Learn the significance of waiting on God. God has us waiting for a reason. Trust Him, and that it is a very good reason. Meditate on the ways He is preserving you.
  • Get into the Word of God. The best way to prepare for the future God has planned for you, is to keep your eyes on Him. Get into His Word.
  • Be aware when the desperate moments come. Is there a particular trigger to those moments? A specific situation that brings on that desperation? Make a plan for how you will deal with those moments of desperation. Determined not to act, but bring it to God so He can help you overcome.