5.5.15 – Ways Chronic Illness Blesses Us

Yesterday, I shared my struggle to see blessings that outweighed the curses of chronic illness. Today, I came across a wonderful blog post by a lady named Shelly. Her post on the blessings that chronic illnesses bring, it really hit home. I was honestly, ready to not like it – convinced it would bring up points I didn’t want to hear. Things like “endurance”. I wasn’t prepared for the joy that awaited me, by reading her post. In her post, she shared several things that allows a chronic sufferer to be blessed – despite their afflictions. It’s things that I wouldn’t have grown into – except by chronic illnesses.

Things like…

1) Thinking before answering the question, “How are you?”

2) Carefully determining what to spend time and energy on.

3) The value of a Sabbath’s rest.

For you, dear friends, do any of these points hit home for you? Which one do you struggle most with? Which one do you desire to put into practice, more than you have in the past? These questions go out to everyone – despite your circumstances.

1 thought on “5.5.15 – Ways Chronic Illness Blesses Us

  1. Wow, Stacey, you humble me in the best of ways. All glory to God who gives us the words and times them so perfectly and then gets the right words to the people who need to see them. Just Wow. It is so lovely to meet you, Sister. Heart Hugs <3

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