Fast Paced World

I live in a world that often goes faster than me. People of all walks of life, they can go much faster than me A day can be a whirlwind, and I can feel like a slow moving turtle. It doesn’t mean I am inadequate… I am made differently. I am still learning this lesson of being made differently.  I am still, fearfully and wonderfully made.

As God’s precious daughter, it is not my job to operate at the world’s speed of doing things. People are far more quicker than I will ever be, and that has to be okay. Even when I am on top of my “game”, I will never be as fast as others. I have to only be me. I have to recognize how I have been equipped. As God’s daughter, this is another way I am set apart.

May thesAppreciate - Uniquely Hise words stand out in my mind. I am His daughter. I am fearfully and wonderfully made – even when the world seems to go too fast for me. I am still fearfully and wonderfully made. It is a gift to go at a slower pace. It is a gift to even realize the world is at times – too fast for my preferred speed. God is good. Teaching me to trust and how I am uniquely His – every single step of the way.