The Storm Inside

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is a wonderful book, by Sheila Walsh. In this book, she helps her readers learn how we can conquer our feelings. The tagline for this book is “trade the chaos of how you feel for the truth of who you are”. We don’t have to live by our feelings. In Romans 8:37, Paul describes believers in Christ Jesus as “more than conquerors through him who loved us”. So often, the feelings hold us captive and keep us from experiencing our identity in Christ more fully.

I found Sheila Walsh to be very diligent in sharing the Word of God. In chapter 2 on disappointment, she leads her readers into a deeper understanding of how the bleeding woman must have felt. Jesus has so much more in store for us, as His beloved! Are we taking hold of our identity in Christ? As I think upon how often I have followed my own feelings, I am continuing to learn the true necessity of measuring the absolute truth (which is found in God’s precious Word) against how I may feel. A bit like how King David had to do in Psalm 42:11.

Psalm 42:11 offers great hope that we are not alone in this struggle. We must measure how we feel in terms of our emotions against God’s Word. Our emotions often can lead us astray. “We must navigate by what we know is true no matter what we feel” (Walsh, p. 28).

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again–my Savior and my God!

The Specifics: Each chapter focuses on a different emotion that we all have faced in our lives. We need to apply God’s Word, as we seek to overcome and be drawn closer to Him. “Standing through your storm” is a portion at the end of each chapter, and it gives a way to apply what we are learning. Some will have questions. Others will have a prayer of significance to hold onto and pray, as we seek Him through our storm. Each piece is valuable, and designed to help us apply what we are learning through the chapters. It offers encouragement. Be blessed!

**BookLook has given me a copy of this book, in exchange for a honest review. All these thoughts and opinions are my own.**