One God, One Plan, One Life: A 365 Devotional

_225_350_Book.1063.coverThis book caught my eye the moment I saw it. I love Max Lucado books, in general. But, I have an almost “tween” in my life that I love and look forward to seeing them know Christ more. This book, One God, One Plan, One Life, is a 365 devotional, and the first teen devotional to be offered by Max Lucado. He teams up with James Lund (“Wild Grace”) and others to make this teen devotional. God uses Lucado, Lund, and others greatly in fulfilling His desire to reach this particular age group: the younger generation!

I love this devotional. The design and content meet together, and I think many teens will find this devotional helpful. It is something that would help them grow in their own walk with the Lord. It would be something that has them coming back for more, as they cultivate their own quiet time with God!

Its design: First, the book is a hard cover. Secondly, the cover and pages are very colorful. Combine the two of these designed factors, and you get one amazing looking devotional! I think it will appeal to a lot of young people, as they seek God in the midst of their lives. So many teens go through so much stuff and they feel like nobody will understand. This book is proof that God understands. There is much insight to be discovered in this book. Each day has a devotional. Each devotion consists of:  Scripture, devotional insight, and a life application that helps them get more of the devotional. Each aspect is so important, and helps drive home the message to the tween, teen, or whomever finds this book in their hands.

My thoughts on this book: I can’t take my finger off one of the pages. For June 21st devotion, it discusses passion. God desires to use most of what ignites our hearts. God uses our talents, and it’s for His glory. Love to write? Great. God can and does use our gifts and dreams. They aren’t random. God has made us unique. “What seems silly or impractical to someone else may be exactly what God has planned for you. If He opens the door, don’t be afraid to walk through it” (p. 180).

The most significant thing is knowing when teens/young adults read this–it could stick with them not only for a day or two, but it is something God uses phenomenally to hide His truth in their hearts. God can use this to raise up a generation that earnestly seeks to know Him so much more!

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