Easy Smoothie Template

This is a great resource for future smoothies. One thing that may work (depending on other ingredients) is, I could use gf oats for a base.

the science of yum


Here’s a template you can use again and again with the ingredients you have on hand.
1 bananaor half an avocado
1 part berry
1 part bulk
(apple, orange, pear, etc… something with fibre)
1 part complimentary vegetable (carrot, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach)

Optional boosters:
(Add one or more of any of these)
1 tbsp ground flax seed for more fiber and healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
1/2 tsp maca powder to balance hormones and provide a stamina boost.
1 tsp+ spirulina, for complete protein, chlorophyll, and detoxifying properties.
1/8 cup probiotic yogurt
A scoop of protein powder

Any of the above is going to increase the nutrient density and the functionality of your smoothie.

I would also suggest having either frozen berries or a frozen banana, but this isn’t necessary.

Mix everything together in your blender of choice, and you have yourself a healthy breakfast or…

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