Bathsheba Bathed in Grace

Bathed in GraceI have long awaited for the chance to, at last, review this book.

We have heard about these women all of our lives, but how well do we really know them? In this book, we get an up, close, and personal look at each woman. There is so much we can wonder about these women, and this book opens the door to know them much more than we ever have before. For example in Hagar’s account, we can think about some of the things that she potentially thought about as she faced her circumstances. It is the same with the other women. It is a chance to know them more. Not only know them, but see how their personalities may have changed, their circumstances, their responses, their point of view, and how God worked in their lives.

Carol has definitely put much attention and thought into her book. The book shines as we take a closer look at these ladies of faith, as they walk through life, struggling just as we do, react, and cling to God and their faith. We see their struggle with doubt, and get a closer look than ever before.

The caption for this book is: how 8 scandolous women changed the world. Did they really “change the world”? I do not know about that, but I do know that when we take a closer glimpse into these women’s lives that it can stir things in us. It can bring new things to mind about the passages, new questions we may ask, and deepen our faith as we learn.

Each chapter gives a first-person look at their life. I found the chapters to be very long. I think it is essential to have the chapters longer, so you can get a closer glimpse into each woman’s life. Still, a factor to be consider when deciding whether to buy this book.

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