Sunbutter Rice Cake Topped with Banana Slices

It’s not gonna change anyone’s life, but I found a new snack. It’s nothing that’s gonna rock  your world, but it’s very new to me. New brings excitement. It brings new opportunities, new food rotations, new possibilities. Basically, new. is. good. =]. I hadn’t ever given rice cakes a first thought, much less a second or third thought. I try to limit certain allergies (gluten, baker’s yeast, and eggs among the list), which means actual bread (you know the thing that holds a sandwich together) is scarce in my life.

While searching through Pinterest for good recipes, I found this link.

ImageThe picture was beautiful: Just a rice cake with a seed or nut butter, topped with banana slices. A perfect bread alternative. If not perfect, then a working bread alternative.

What it isn’t: Rocket Science.

What it is:Very affordable
Requires no cooking

I am already wondering how to make it even better. Possibly cinnamon. Tons of additional ways that rice cakes can be utilized to make food and eating even more easier…because easier is much better. Easier means using less strength. Easier means being able to eat without depleting my little body strength. Easier is what I need more of. Now, I would LOVE to find a way to have one of these without the Sunbutter being runny. That is part of the project of making this work. If you can use regular peanut butter, great! Use it. If you can’t, work around it however you can. A little Sunbutter on your fingers won’t hurt you ;).