The Wayfinding Bible

Today, I thought it would the perfect day to dig into my new Bible. This Bible was sent to me by Tyndale in exchange for a honest review. I have used other Chronological Bibles before, and they were a struggle for me to use, to be honest. This Bible has provided exactly what I need. It is very easy for me to navigate. It is a treasure, and will be such a blessing to have in my library!

This Bible is a great chronological Bible to add to a library. You can do a chronological reading plan, while looking up other verses with such ease. It is a standard Bible that goes from Genesis to Revelations, but it offers chronological routes for reading the Word.

There are three different routes (or plans). The goal of each is to gain more from a chronologicalapproach to studying God’s Word. Each route gives more to the reader. The route I feel most comfortable pursuing is the flyover route. I have many times attempted to read the Word from beginning to end and chronologically also—only  to have “failed” by my own standards of not making it all the way through.
There are a few aspects that I love about this Bible. First is its traveling approach. You really feel like you are traveling and going somewhere.This Bible has many good features that will have believers grow more in their walk with Christ, as they dig into the scriptures. I decided it was best not to list every single one. Instead, here are a few of my top favorite features included in this Bible:
  • Itinerary:
    It lists all the events of the Bible. Alongside the itinerary is each route that goes there. For example, it shows that The Account of Creation (Genesis 1-2:25) is visited by each of the three routes.
  • Prophesies of the Messiah:
    This is going to be a well utilized feature as individuals continue their journey of studying the Word. It is amazing to see how God has fulfilled prophesies. It gives a place where each passage deals with that prophesy. For example, Isaiah 7:14 speaks of the prophesy of Jesus’ birth by a virgin and Matt. 1:22-23; Luke 1:31-34 is where it is fulfilled. 
  •  Point of interest: SO many things interest us and we genuinely want to know more. “What does God say about ______?” This is why the section is vital and it is something again to be utilized. 
  •  Old Testament in the New provides another way to help us as we connect the passages together, and gain more of an understanding of God’s holy Word.
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