Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

I didn’t exactly roll some of these into a ball.
They are flatter than the other batch.

I was on a mission earlier for egg-less chocolate chip cookies. I just knew I wanted cookies. I am beginning to explore the whole “removing egg” from my diet due to possible allergy, so that kept me from consuming my Pillsbury cookie dough that is sitting idly in the fridge.

Thankfully, many have walked this road before me. It has been well traveled by many. They have experimented greatly. What do I have to gain? Good chocolate chip recipe minus the egg(s)! You gotta try it! <3 It’s pretty good. In mine, I used less brown sugar (just a little bit less.. 1/3 versus 1/2) and used more chocolate chips. It wasn’t planned out or anything. It just happened.

I accidentally began to burn the first batch, but the amazing thing: they still taste good. This is what I am looking for: good chocolate chip cookies where the chocolate chips literally melt and make a beautiful display of a good treat.  I probably haven’t made any fresh cookies in a while. If I sound deprived, that is probably why.

The recipe: Egg-less Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Go try it!!

As opposed to past batches of cookies I have made, these were full size cookies ;). Mine are safely tucked away in a bowl. Ideally, I would wait until they have cooled to put them away. A sneaky 3 year old with gluten hands stopped that. So, they can just stick together–not like it matters. I am the only one getting into the cookies. :)

What I might change: use less chocolate chips. There were way too many. I need to settle on a specific amount to use. The recipe didn’t give a certain amount. Guess I thought there was more dough than there actually was. Then my chocolate chips have been affected by the heat, so some of it just looks like a melted Hershey’s candy bar. Also with some adapting, I can make the cookies into a fructose friendly cookie. IE) using dextrose versus cane sugar to help with the brown sugar.