"God’s Love Letters to You"

love lettersThe book, “God’s Love Letters to You”, is a 40 day devotional book by Larry Crabb. It is based off of another book that Crabb has written, but I feel this book, itself, would be a great addition to your home library, as you yearn to grow in the Lord.

The book is challenging, and Crabb is very bold in his writing. It is a book that is necessary for the times, as we are constantly bombarded with choices, society, and how we can live a godly life. This book is not only necessary, it is also completely biblical. It will grow you spiritually, which should be our aim as followers of Jesus Christ!

Crabb takes forty books of the bible, and gives you an important applicable message from that particular book of the bible. For example: Day 1 focuses on a passage in Genesis, where the focus is on trusting God… because He is faithful when we are not. God’s promises never fail, even when we fail. We screw up over and over again, but God’s love for us never changes. The writer describes the words of God has life words that “speak death to what is in us that needs to die.”

God’s ways are not our ways, but God wants to be long lasting peace into our lives. God wants to challenge us greatly and draw us closer to himself, which is exactly what this book will do.

I believe if anyone would devote themselves to this forty day study, they would find themselves challenged, bearing fruit, and closer to the Father. What I love about the devotional is – it is not long, but still thought provoking. The writer manages to write for one paragraph about the verse and give you thought provoking questions that leave you wanting more. The biblical truth is revealed to you in a new way, which is also challenging for one to hear if you are willing to take it all in and journey to be closer to God.

The devotional book is very encouraging and challenging at the same time. At the end of each session, questions are ask that help you meditate on the scripture and how it may apply to your life. For example, one of the questions asked is: “Unknowingly, we use things to numb our hunger for God…things like sex, coffee, shopping, sports—you name it! How might you have numbed your hunger for God?”

This is a bold question, because often we do not address the issue of numbing our hunger for God with things. The churches I have attended have never even addressed the issue of numbing our hunger for God with other things. So, it is such a joy to read the challenging message of “Are we numbing our hunger with God for something other than God?” Typically, we ignore the issue and move on. Move through the study slowly, so you can take it all in. It would be easy to read multiple devotions in one day, but take time to draw near and listen to the Father’s voice through this study.

Crabb boldly enters into this 40 day devotional in a way that will challenge you spiritually and draw you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, as you continue to walk with Him! Each session ends with a prayer that relates to the day of study, to draw closer to the Father.

** Please note: I was offered a complimentary book, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**