"Billy Graham in Quotes"

Billy Graham in Quotes
By Franklin Graham, Donna Lee Toney and Billy Graham

quotes“Billy Graham in Quotes” is composed by his son, Franklin Graham and Franklin’s collegue, Donna Lee Toney. It is a fabulous book, filled with quotes that will help you, as you contemplate various subjects as it applies to God’s Word. The quotes are organized by their categories, and there are many categories to choose from. The categories range from quotes on abortion to young people.

This book is a great resource of quotes by Billy Graham that give a biblical worldview on time, as Billy Graham brings up scripture as well as quotes by the famous preacher. The book is easy to navigate, and a great resource for when you find yourself looking for information on “abortion”, “imagination”, or something so precious as “time”. The book composes of 346 pages of quotes, using books that Billy Graham has written that state the timeless wisdom and biblical knowledge that allows others to benefit from Rev. Graham’s awesome teachings in a quick and orderly fashion. The book gives us materials to examine the truths of scriptures with Rev. Graham’s teachings through books he has written. It can be used to study a particular topic in scripture, or for a light reading. This book is useful for all settings of teaching, and will draw us closer to the Lord Jesus as we seek His face.

I felt that this book would be an excellent way to dig into the scriptures by choosing a particular topic, such as young people. It would give us scriptures as well as give us wisdom from a great teacher who has been led by the Holy Spirit. There are many ways that I believe God can teach us, and I feel this is definitely one of those ways.

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